About Riversong

I opened Riversong Spa in December 2009 with a lot of passion and a BIG dream. I have always been a lover of beauty—Beauty in humanity, literature, photography, art, fashion, and women. My role as a working mom of 2 is busy and complex. I lose and regain balance in my life all the time, as many other women (and men) do. However, I see the need for taking care of oneself as an essential need, and I notice the trend in society to put everyone else in your life before yourself. I have a firm belief that if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of everyone else for very long.

My mission at Riversong Spa is to implore you to take the time out of your busy life to do something nice for yourself. I believe that I offer services that “feed your soul.” I also believe that nurturing your body, mind, and spirit will benefit all of your endeavors.

I pride myself in staying on top of product knowledge & continuing education in my industry. I want to be your personal beauty stylist. Let me do all of the work. My business is to follow trends and keep my clients looking their best, whether that is a very natural look, polished and professional, or avant-garde. From stay-at-home moms, to teachers, to grandmothers, to news reporters, and everyone in between, I can offer a service to meet your needs.

Phone: 304.997.5356