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August 26,2014

Fall Preview


So it’s clear that many seem irritated with all of the back to school hustle, Halloween decor, and signs that Fall is really indeed right around the corner. Although I am not necessarily ready to put spider webs outside of my home, I welcome this time of year. Others, like myself, are  secretly delighted about it and jazzed! Not only does this mean beautiful scenery from the leaves changing colors, but also that Starbucks is back to offering the pumpkin spice latte!

I absolutely will miss the warm temperatures and green leaves, but there is just something about pulling on an over sized cardigan, fitted jeans, and leather knee boots that make me smile. Not to mention the colors! Fall colors are hands down my favorite palette year after year. Warm golds, enticing reds, and rich browns. As someone that does makeup these are some of the shades I love to work with the most. With that being said, I asked Allison if she would please play along with my seasonal obsession and let me do her makeup this week. She graciously said yes. Check out the pics below of some of my Fall inspiration along with Allison’s before and after! Enjoy!   xo~Natalie

July 29,2014

West Virginia Bridal Makeup // A Season To Be Inspired


So many weddings! Summer months are the perfect time to say “I Do.”  The bright bold colors, the warm temperature, everyone just seems happier during sunny days.  Lately we have had several brides come in and let us play a part in their big day.  It is truly a rewarding and amazing experience.  I am always fascinated by how some immediately know what they want, while others trust our knowledge and skill to create a look they fall deeply for.  I know what inspires me, but everyone becomes inspired for so many different reasons and by so many different things.

Most of the time a bride comes in with a hand full of images from magazines, pinterest, maybe something a friend had done previously, but what about the ones that feel lost in the cosmetic world?  They may have paid attention to every last detail when it came to booking the venue, deciding on a menu, and even organizing a seating chart. Usually this bride wants to look effortlessly gorgeous and is aware of what she likes and does not like, but does not know how to pull it all together or is afraid of making the wrong choice.  For times like these we need to be prepared as to offer a variety of looks for this person.  While most want the natural blushing bride, I could not help but find this look on the and want to replicate it immediately. To me it is stunning!

Will there be several brides requesting this bold fearless look?  I don’t know, but I sure hope so!  Maybe this look is not for everyone, but that is what makeup is all about and why it is so fun.  Yes, there are rules.  Yes, there are trends.  And yes, some people pull off outrageous things, while others stick to subtlety. However, the fun part is finding something and making it your own. Sometimes that’s breaking the rules and not following trends.  It is fun to play around and discover new ways to express ourselves and our beauty.  I hope you all enjoy this look.  Please feel free to ask questions, request product info., or to even submit a look that you want us to re-create.  I varied the color in my personal application with what I had on hand and with what my time allowed.  Enjoy!

xo, Natalie

October 29,2012

Makeover Monday // A Little Vampy


Like many women, I have a shameless infatuation with vampires.  I am an avid reader of the Twilight books, and I watch Vampire Diaries and TrueBlood fanatically.  So when my latest victim came in for a makeover before Trick or Treat on Saturday, I was so happy that she was game to get a little vampy.

Here is her before…

And here are her afters…

She makes me want to channel my inner vampire.

We started off with Undereye Concealer in Beige, Lid Primer, and Eminence Sun Defense Minerals in Translucent.  Then, I did a pretty heavy smoky eye using Ebony Cream Shadow, Smoky Eye Kit, and Black Eye Liner.  I used Nectar Blush for a nice neutral color that doesn’t compete with the eyes or lips.  I finished her look with Vino lipliner and Vixen Lipstick.

And in the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share some more vampire inspiration.  I found the funnest free photo editing program online at  You can upload a picture and then edit yourself into a zombie, a vampire, a witch, etc.  Check this out!

Thanks, Lindsey, for being a great “victim.”  Happy Halloween!

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xo Allison

September 4,2012

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