August 29,2014

Fall Beauty Report


I am embracing the fact that it’s time for me to let summer go, and prepare for fall, which is not hard for me to do because fall is my favorite time of year.  I think the whole reason I became a teacher is because I love fall…think about it-school supplies, new school clothes, another fresh start.  One of my favorite memories of Andy is that he knew my favorite movie was You’ve Got Mail, I must have seen that movie 1,000 times-it just gave me the warm fuzzies, and in some ways made me want to pursue my entrepreneurship.  Well, on my first day of student teaching, he brought me home a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils…I know, so sweet, right?

I digress.  I am no longer a teacher, but I can still enjoy office supplies, and even better, fall beauty and fashion trends.  I find myself eagerly anticipating getting my favorite catalogs in the mail to see what’s in store for fall, and which couple of trends I’m going to invest in to stay fashionable.  I always check out Vogue to see what the clothing, hair, and makeup forecast will be, and I always get excited to see that the two lines of makeup I carry at the shop are always right on-trend.

You’re in luck this season, because many colors, looks, and trends are carrying over from last year.  Jewel tones, gilded metallics, and berry lips are back in a big way!

These are the products that I would use to recreate these looks…

Subtle neutrals, greys, contoured/highlighted cheeks, and nude lips are also IN.

Recommended products…

Based on the following photos, I so wish I had a budget for some Gucci pieces in my closet.  The pink fur coat would be #1 on my list.  A girl can dream, right?

Recommended products…

Love the monochromatic tones in the next photo.  I am a big fan of the blush rose hue…

And, here’s my #1 makeup inspiration look for the season.  I am in love with this whole situation!

Recommended products, and I’ll make sure to pull all of these out at home to remind myself to use them together…

And my favorite makeup look one more time…these looks showcase the gorgeous rich colors that many of us already have in our closets.  We can re-pair some of our favorite separates together and re-purpose them for some new looks.  Having said that, I am thinking some kind of a new fall/winter coat is in my future, though…and maybe a bright, jewel-tone handbag…

If you see a look above that you’d love to try, make an appointment for a customized fall makeover!  We’d love to help you find a new look for every day or special occasions!  We always encourage our clients to update their makeup seasonally, just like you would your closet!  It’s time to think about lowlights, berry lips, and contoured cheeks!

And, I hate even putting this out there, but I can’t resist.  J. Crew is consistently my favorite store every season, and I love how they create new trends and push me into wearing some things that are a little outside my comfort zone.  That being said, please tell me that these glasses aren’t making a comeback.  Come on!  No one looks good in these!

xo, Allison

August 26,2014

Fall Preview


So it’s clear that many seem irritated with all of the back to school hustle, Halloween decor, and signs that Fall is really indeed right around the corner. Although I am not necessarily ready to put spider webs outside of my home, I welcome this time of year. Others, like myself, are  secretly delighted about it and jazzed! Not only does this mean beautiful scenery from the leaves changing colors, but also that Starbucks is back to offering the pumpkin spice latte!

I absolutely will miss the warm temperatures and green leaves, but there is just something about pulling on an over sized cardigan, fitted jeans, and leather knee boots that make me smile. Not to mention the colors! Fall colors are hands down my favorite palette year after year. Warm golds, enticing reds, and rich browns. As someone that does makeup these are some of the shades I love to work with the most. With that being said, I asked Allison if she would please play along with my seasonal obsession and let me do her makeup this week. She graciously said yes. Check out the pics below of some of my Fall inspiration along with Allison’s before and after! Enjoy!   xo~Natalie

October 13,2013

Top 5 Fall Trends


Sharing content from the Fall Styling Seminar today.  Quinn had some great presentations and hand-outs, so we thought we’d share them with you.

1.  Houndstooth

Houndstooth is making a big comeback.  We are seeing it not only in the traditional black & white pattern, but also in camel and a variety of colors, as well.  Consider investing in a houndstooth coat, skirt, or even a shoe to be on trend this fall.

2. Leather

Leather anything!  I prefer a very thin leather shell or tee paired with a colorful skirt.  BCBG makes a really good one.  Check topshop or H&M for less pricey versions.

BCBG Scalloped Trim Perforated Leather Top

3. Olive Green

Olive is the chicest way to transition into fall.  Pair with cognac, camel, or black for unfussy street smart style.  Layer pieces such as black leggings, cognac riding boots, and an olive green bomber.  Mix textures such as satin and leather.

Madewell Outbound Jacket

4. Punk Inspiration

You can blame or thank Miley Cyrus for awakening the tough girl punk vibe, but I’m lovin’ it!  Vampy lips, spiked or studded details and ripped graphic tees are really hot this fall.  I like to mix them with more lady-like pieces for a look that’s current and elevated.

Zara studded sandals

5. Tangerine

Orange has made a comeback this fall, and specifically tangerine.  This color is everywhere, but looks especially striking in a dress with unexpected black or metallic accents.  I like the idea of pairing a tangerine dress with glossy nude pumps and a black bag.  Look for a tangerine purse or scarf to update your fall wardrobe.

Harve Ledger Bandage Dress

And here are a couple of photos of the live models at the Styling Seminar showing just how easy it is to pull off this fall’s top trends…

Coming soon:  Transitioning Seasons & Storing Seasonal Clothing.

October 5,2013

Fall Styling Event


Here’s a recap from the Riversong Spa & Feathered collaboration that happened on September 23. As always, Quinn styled her heart out and transformed the waiting room and treatment room into a vintage boutique. Her charming vignettes invited shoppers to ooh & ahh, while trying on clothing and jewelry that could literally transport you to another place & time. I was especially fond of the sequined top with dolman sleeves, a gorgeous fur stole, and more jewelry than I care to admit.

This time around, live models really brought some outfits to life, and I have to admit, their makeup looked amazing, as well! We had so much fun, and there’s a strong possibility we will put together an open house to add some sparkle & style to your holiday season!

April 24,2013

Stitch Fix #2 Review


Ok, so I was so excited to get my 2nd Stitch Fix.  I requested jackets, especially cool/hip/trendy ones like all the girls wear on Vampire Diaries.  They’re always so cute, and they can be layered with everything.

Something like this…

or this…

I also reiterated the fact that sleeveless button-down tank shirts do me no favors.  Having said that, I’ll show you what was in this fix.

What can I say?  I don’t like sleeveless button-down tank shirts.  Enough said.

I think this was supposed to fit the jacket I had requested.  I feel like I’m being negative here, but this piece literally triggered my gag reflex.  Just not me.

At this point this exercise of documenting this shipment for the blog was just getting sad.  I mean, a cat shirt?  I did J. Crew’s cute little hens on a silk shirt in the fall, but a sheer, three-quarter blousy sleeve with built-in cami is not cool.  Not cool at all.

This is a shirt that I actually had high hopes for when I unpacked it.  Love the color combo and the pleating.  However, this is a miss for me, mostly I think, because I’m short AND curvy.  It doesn’t do me any favors with the draping or the length.

This scarf is an item that I actually requested.  I just don’t think I love it enough to keep it, and to be honest, I feel like this delivery is a little tainted.  I also think that I like scarves with pops of color, and this one is a little too dark.

So, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m just not feeling this Stitch Fix.

So, after this, I’m not as enthusiastic to get my next fix.  I’m going to be thinking about it.  This could be a situation where the majority of the clothing that Stitch Fix purchases is really meant for people taller than me.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xo Allison

April 23,2013

Execute Like a Fashionista


Today we’re back with more content from the vintage fashion event.  Hope you enjoy!

The secret to looking like a fashionista is execution: juxtaposing unlikely combinations, patterns, silhouettes, or styles. The following tips all have a theme of doing the unexpected. It’s what keeps things interesting!

Take your perfect outfit and make one piece a little ‘off’

I like the idea of a beautiful ladylike cocktail dress with a spiked wrist cuff, or layered casual necklaces. Or a dressy pencil skirt with a casual tank from Free People. A great method for getting this right is to start safe, and switch out for similar, more edgy pieces that still have the same lines and are in the same color family. Say a chartreuse slub silk pencil skirt with an ivory satin tank. What if I did an oatmeal tank?  What if I took it a step further and did an oatmeal vintage screen print tank?

Dressed up? Dress it down a bit. Dress down? Dress it up!

Casual Glamour is the epitome of great fashion to me. We don’t live in an era that requires formality anymore- in fact, it looks a little out of place. Gap did a great campaign a few years ago that featured women in sparkly holiday dresses and satin skirts paired with rugged platform LL Bean style shearling and leather hiking boots. For spring, you could do an airy chiffon glitzy dress with a straw market bag. I love a stripe cotton t-shirt with a glamorous statement necklace!

Mixing Prints and Patterns-

The key to pulling this off is repetition and maintaining a neutral. For instance, if you want to try mixing varying prints, make sure they have a few common colors- an ikat print silk blouse could look amazing tucked into a floral print skirt, IF they both have mustard or turquoise repeated in them. Or, if you want to wear a black and white polka dot tissue tee with that floral pencial skirt, try a black patent platform and black skinny belt to ground the black as a neutral throughout the outfit.

The secret to pulling it off? A great bag.

To me, an expensive looking purse in black nude or camel acts as a free pass to a crazy outfit. It kind of justifies the crazy eclectic vibe of a look and says,”Oh yea, I meant to do this.” If you don’t already have a signature bag, expensive Italian leather ones are always at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and are very affordable.

Have a Signature Piece with a Story

Have a unique piece that you can top off most looks. Accessories work best- my favorites are a tobacco colored wide boho belt that I cinch around the waist of a lot of looks, and my dad’s old turquoise bolo tie that he got married in. I put it on top of an outfit when it looks too ‘blah’. Of course I’m a fan of vintage- no one else will have it.

The Confidence to Pull it Off

If you are scared to walk out of the house and feel like a clown, don’t wear it. Confidence is key to pulling it off, and you won’t if you don’t feel comfortable. If you feel like you look great but are a little nervous of the attention it may garner, wear it! This is what fashion is all about. It’s attention grabbing and fun.

April 19,2013

Leopard, Schoolboy Blazers, & Scarves


#8: The Leopard Something

Leopard. Oh, how I love leopard. It’s classic, sexy, grown up, playful, and timeless. A blouse is a great leopard investment, because the styling possibilities and occasion opportunities are endless. Wear it for work, wear it for a night out. Wear it with black, nude, melon or cobalt blue. Style it sex kitten Bridget Bardot, or punk-chic ala’ Gwen Stafani. I like a white top and jeans combo with touches of leopard in the accessories, like a cross body bag or flats.

Banana Republic – Ashley bow ballet flat – Leopard

#9: The Schoolboy Blazer

I say “Schoolboy” Blazer rather than just blazer, because the fit is critical to keep this piece laid back and modern and not 80’s power suit stuffy. The Schoolboy is defined by its slightly androgynous look, with rolled up sleeves and an overall shrunken fit. Throw it on over anything that needs a little more polish or a quirky-cool update. I especially like it with your favorite vintage rock band tee, glitzy necklaces and heels.

J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Navy

**And, from Now until April 21st at, you can get an 30% off final sale items with the code:  SPRINGTHAW **

#10: The I-Don’t-Know-What-To-Wear-Scarf

On days that you draw a blank on what to wear, the silk scarf will be your fashion savior. It helps you look instantly pulled together, and since it’s not really ‘clothes’ it’s ok to recycle it more than once in a week. Celebrities are always seen around town with oversized cotton scarves, basic tees and jeans. Ones that have linen woven in have the best lightweight body. Go for Black and ivory stripes for a classic  French look, or match the color of your eyes for an instant wake up for your face.  I also recommend trying a patterned silk scarf. Look for hand painted florals in longer lengths that will wrap a few times.

The Many Ways to Wear a Scarf

Forever 21, Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, & J. Crew Factory 

Hope you enjoyed the content in our Basics of Good Style series.  Next week we’ll be bringing you Execute Like A Fashionista, so stay tuned!

And, a public service announcement:  J. Crew Factory has an online sale going on now through April 24th.

A great time to stock up on those bright flats, scarves, chambray shirts, and almost every other item we’ve covered in this series.  Enjoy!!

April 18,2013

We Love Shoes!


In today’s installment of our Basics of Good Style series, we’re going to talk about SHOES!!  A lot of women I know have a weakness for shoes…they come in so many shapes, colors, and sizes.  The good news is that if you don’t already have the shoes we’re talking about, well, now you have a great excuse to add them to your collection.

#6: The Nude Pump

You may be tempted to wear a black heel with your LBD- trust me, nude will do a multitude of favors, like instantly elongating legs and adding muted polish to your look. The nude pump is best in a 3-4” heel, with a slightly rounded toe and a hidden built in platform. I like ones with a rubberized sole for comfort (and safety!) 

Just click on the link below to be taken to a collection of nude pumps…

#7: The Bright Flat

 I would love to tell you to go invest in a million crazy amazing heels to be a fashion goddess. But this is a style basics guide for the real woman in the real world, and we NEED our flats. Black and nude are great, but to punch up your wardrobe, I like a bright pair in an expensive finish, like suede or patent leather. Hidden platforms can help you from feeling too dumpy, and just a half inch or so does the trick. I like all of the recommendations below, but I’m particularly partial to JCrew for the color palette and comfort factor. These babies will LAST you. 

Cece Leather Ballet Flats – dazzling sun

Merona ballet flats found at Target

We hope you enjoyed today’s shoe inspiration!  We will be back tomorrow with our last installment of The Basics of Good Style.

April 13,2013

Sparkle, Silk, & Chambray


#3: The Sparkly Piece

I’m talking all over sequins, palliates, or beading, the whole she-bang. The sparkly piece can be a top or bottom- your choice. The key is to look for something non-clubby, like a slouchy off the shoulder top, a racerback tank, or an innocently flippy mini, and to treat it as a basic. For example- The sequin racerback tank works most places a cotton racerback tank would: under a blazer, or with rolled up jeans and converse sneakers and a cross body bag. And the color? My secret is to look for something close to your skin tone: rose gold for fair tones, army green based bronze for tan olive, etc. You’ll love how it magically wakes you up and illuminates your complexion, and pairs well with everything.

J. Crew Factory Nautical Sequin Tank

J. Crew Factory Sequin Tank


#4: The Silk Blouse

The silk blouse is amazing: it can look, expensive, polished, upscale, laid back and free spirited all at once. I like details such as long ties at the neckline that can be left long or tied into a playful bow, and buttons at the cuffs.  For a boho look, pair with a trouser jean, turquoise accessories and platforms. For an easy polished-momma look, pair with your Perfect Jean, nude patent flats and classic jewelry. You can’t go wrong with color: fuchsia, oxblood, mint green, graphite, ivory, and chartreuse are some of my favorites!

J. Crew Collection Draped Georgette Top

Other great places to look for silk tops are:

#5: The Chambray Shirt

I find the chambray shirt to be more of a wardrobe staple than the old white button up. It is a lifesaver for colored bottom dilemmas. Finally, a top that works with those peony pink patterned skinnies you’ve been dying to wear! It’s a great layering piece under a blazer or chunky cardigan, and great with a variety of patterns and colors. I have a harder time figuring out what NOT to wear it with.

J. Crew Factory Classic Chambray Shirt

Gap 1969 Chambray Boyfriend Shirt

Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post!

April 12,2013

The Basics for Good Style


Happy to post the first article from Quinn’s Fashion Series.   This first series is going to be broken up into several days’ worth of posts, so please check back frequently.  There is a lot of content here – Enjoy!  Click on any of the images in this post to be taken to that item’s website.

While I love wearing unique and vintage pieces, there are core items in my wardrobe I rely on for almost every look. These are my no-fail pieces that can be built upon. They are timeless and classic and ensure I look like I am put together, even when I may be drawing a blank for what to wear. You’ll notice some of the brands are referenced a lot- JCrew, Gap, Banana Repulic, Madewell…that’s because when it comes to quality timeless items, no one does it better than these guys.

#1: THE Perfect Jean.

(does it surprise you?)

It may sound a little obvious to start with denim, but one great go to pair is better than ten so-so pair. My favorite go-to is a mid-rise skinny that hits just below the ankle bone. Skinnies are my favorite because of their multitasking abilities: they work well with flats, heels, and even tuck into riding boots. Look for a pair without embellishments or obvious branding for optimal we arability. And for the best butt, look for a pair with larger pockets placed slightly lower.  I recommend:

American Eagle Skinny Jean Super Stretch in Worn Dark

J. Crew Midrise Toothpick in Carbon

JBrand Mid-rise Skinny Leg in Dark Vintage

#2:  The White Boyfriend Tee

This is essential for pulling off looks with cool-girl ease. Look for one with a deep v-neck in an ultra thin cotton, preferably with a slight vintage slub. It will always look good with colored denim and a few thin layered necklaces, but the real reason you need it is to tone down something dressier, like an a line leather miniskirt, or a sparkly mini. Which leads me to….

Michael Stars is one of my FAVORITES for tees. They have the best cut and drape.

Michael Stars 60 Singles Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee

J.Crew Tissue V-Neck vintage tee

Forever 21 V-neck tee

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Check back soon for the next installment of The Basics of Good Style.  Hope you get your fashion fix!