April 8,2018

Essential Oil Skincare DIY Recipes


I promised I would share some recipes for my favorite Skin/Essential Oil DIYs, so here they are!

Beauty Elixir

This recipe is a dupe for the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  This spray is meant to be hydrating, refreshing, invigorating, and can be used multiple times a day.  For this recipe, purchase a 2 ounce aluminum or glass spray bottle.  I purchase a lot of my supplies on Amazon.

1 ounce distilled water

.25 ounce rose water

.25 ounce witch hazel

5 drops peppermint EO

10 drops Myrrh EO

10 drops Lavender EO

10 drops Rosemary EO

10 drops Orange EO

5 drops Neroli EO

5 drops Rose EO

1/4 tsp. organic vegetable glycerin

1/4 tsp. organic aloe vera gel

after essential oils are dropped in, fill to the bottom of the neck of the bottle with distilled water.  Put the spray cap on, shake well, and then spritz  on face liberally.

Beauty Oil/Serum

Handmade and blended face oils are my favorite!  For this lightweight serum/oil, I used Organic Rosehip Oil as a base.  I used a 1 ounce glass dropper bottle, dropped in essential oils first, then filled the bottle to the top with the rosehip oil.

*almost* 1 oz. organic rosehip oil

20 drops frankincense EO

20 drops lavender EO

20 drops patchouli EO

10 drops blue tansy EO

I apply just a few drops of this oil to my face or into my moisturizer, AM & PM for an extra luminous glow.

My favorite source for essential oils is Young Living.  Their Seed to Seal promise resonates with my belief system.  They own and co-op with their own farms and farmers, and are passionate about organic and sustainable farming ❤️

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xo Allison

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