April 2,2018

Spring Skin Must-Haves


I have recently changed up my skin care regimen and wanted to share some of my new spring favorites.  I love the new Mangosteen + Lactic Acid products from Eminence, the Young Living Essential Oils Art Renewal Serum, and some new DIY skincare recipes.  I thought it would be fun to share with you today!

Mangosteen + Lactic Acid

The new cleanser and concentrate from Eminence smell amazing and work even better!  These products work for all skin types, except severe and cystic acne.  The ingredients work to gently exfoliation skin, resurface the texture, and reduce pore size.  Literally, these cover every skin concern I have.  I’ve been using these products consistently for 2+ weeks and have noticed an improvement in skin texture and pore size already.  I use the cleanser just at night to remove my makeup and cleanse, and I use the concentrate twice a day.  In the morning, I use the mangosteen concentrate on clean skin, and add the Young Living Art Renewal Serum over top, and wear that as my moisturizer and makeup primer.  This will work great for me during the spring and summer since I have oily skin and don’t need a heavy moisturizer.

Marine Flower Peptide Eye Cream

This is hands down our most popular eye cream.  It has far surpassed any other we’ve ever had in terms of popularity and results.  The first time I tried a sample of it, I literally said, “Oooooooh” out loud.  The product is thick, creamy, and goes on silky smooth, like buttah….literally.  The eye cream soaks in quickly, leaves the undereye area feeling extremely hydrated and plump, while improving fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.  It’s the perfect eye product!  I use this twice a day – am & pm.

Bright Eyes Serum

This is a DIY product that I make, so I thought I’d share the recipe and the reason I use the ingredients.  First, I use a 5mL rollerball with with a metal rollerball.  I like to use Organic Argan or Jojoba or a combination of both because, in my opinion, these are the best oils for skin.  The lipid molecule is small, and easily absorbable, and these oils mimic natural oils produced by the body.  I also like to add a super generous amount of Frankincense, because it’s THE MOST ANTI-AGING essential oil.  It can be applied NEAT, which is directly to skin without dilution, or diluted.  Then, i add just a few drops of Cypress.  Cypress aids in circulation and lymphatic movement in the body, so it will help with dark circles under the eyes.   I love to use this product as an extra level of hydration and anti-aging protection.  My undereyes get extremely dry and dehydrated, and it’s one of my main tells when I’m tired and dehydrated.  Here’s the rest of the recipe:

5 drops Cypress

40-60 drops Frankincense

Fill with a high-quality carrier oil, like Organic Argan or Jojoba, or a combination of both

ART Renewal Serum

This is a new to me product from Young Living.  I had some Essential Rewards points to spend, and I was intrigued with the ingredients, so I decided to try it.  This serum is both a skin care serum and a great mineral makeup primer.  It is lightweight, yet hydrating, and the exotic ingredients include snow lotus, astragalus, orchid flowers, myrrh, and frankincense – to name a few.  My skin gets oilier at the first sign of spring all the way through summer and into fall.  I always like to lighten up my moisturizer, but I don’t want to sacrifice ingredients or anti-aging benefits, which is why this is a perfect solution.  I like to apply the Mangosteen Concentrate and then one pump of this layered over top.

DIY Beauty Elixir Spray and Beauty Oil Serum

I’ve had an itch to create a custom, aromatherapy skin toner/hydration spray lately.  I’ve been doing a lot of research about what’s on the market.  I didn’t really want this to be astringent, or deep cleansing.  I really wanted a product that could be invigorating, tingly, have skin benefits, and also could set mineral makeup.  I found a product by Caudalie called Beauty Elixir, but it was not organic.  Then I decided to try to recreate it.  So far, I love the results.  I made a large 4 ounce bottle of this because I planned on spraying several times throughout the day.  Look for a future blog post with this recipe.

The other product I wanted to try was a new skin oil/serum recipe that contains Blue Tansy essential oil.  I am gaga over Blue Tansy and its many skin benefits and emotional balancing properties.  I can’t claim this is my own recipe, but I did find a recipe that I wanted to try, and I will share this along with the recipe for the Beauty Elixir spray in an upcoming post.

In the meantime, if you’re curious about essential oils and want to try some DIY recipes, join our Essential Oil Wellness team.  I try to share all my favorite recipes, tips, tricks, and education in our members Facebook group too.  I can’t really live without essential oils anymore.  The new starter kit recently got updated…you’ll receive 11 oils, samples of our antioxidant-rich Ningxia Red, and the new Desert Mist Diffuser – it diffuses up to 10 hours.  Join my team this month and get a deluxe travel size of the Beauty Oil Serum and experience the wonders of Blue Tansy.

You can follow THIS LINK to become a Young Living Whole Sale Member and join our Wellness Community.  You’ll create an online account and be able to purchase products at a 24% discount.

Watch for some more DIY recipes and spring updates COMING SOON!

xo Allison

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