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November 1,2012




Location: den // couch

Watching: Nothing. After two snow days & lots of noise, I am craving silence.

Eating: turkey burger sausages – my go-to breakfast, cooked in coconut oil

Drinking: water

Feeling: Relieved for the silence, but also anxious about a new location possibility. Relieved that my electrical inspection got approved for a new space.

Thinking: I really hope there are no hiccups with Location #4

Wanting: to blink my eyes and magically be working in my new space

Needing: Still need a sink, some fresh paint, and a lot of motivation & inspiration to do hard things :)

Loving: Sending two happy, excited kids back to school!


Hope you & yours stayed safe & warm through the storm!

xo Allison


October 24,2012



Location: living room//couch

Watching: last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars.  Love it!!

Eating: nothing yet…

Drinking:  water

Feeling: relieved…last night’s Chamber of Commerce dinner was a success, and I feel like I have a little breathing room today.

Thinking: I can’t wait to see my kids in their Halloween costumes

Wanting: to blink my eyes and magically be working in my new space

Needing: an electrical inspection to come through and a sink!

Loving: the sneak peaks of our fall mini session family photos from Rebecca Devono Photography.  She made it so easy to pose for shots and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

xo Allison