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April 23,2013

Execute Like a Fashionista


Today we’re back with more content from the vintage fashion event.  Hope you enjoy!

The secret to looking like a fashionista is execution: juxtaposing unlikely combinations, patterns, silhouettes, or styles. The following tips all have a theme of doing the unexpected. It’s what keeps things interesting!

Take your perfect outfit and make one piece a little ‘off’

I like the idea of a beautiful ladylike cocktail dress with a spiked wrist cuff, or layered casual necklaces. Or a dressy pencil skirt with a casual tank from Free People. A great method for getting this right is to start safe, and switch out for similar, more edgy pieces that still have the same lines and are in the same color family. Say a chartreuse slub silk pencil skirt with an ivory satin tank. What if I did an oatmeal tank?  What if I took it a step further and did an oatmeal vintage screen print tank?

Dressed up? Dress it down a bit. Dress down? Dress it up!

Casual Glamour is the epitome of great fashion to me. We don’t live in an era that requires formality anymore- in fact, it looks a little out of place. Gap did a great campaign a few years ago that featured women in sparkly holiday dresses and satin skirts paired with rugged platform LL Bean style shearling and leather hiking boots. For spring, you could do an airy chiffon glitzy dress with a straw market bag. I love a stripe cotton t-shirt with a glamorous statement necklace!

Mixing Prints and Patterns-

The key to pulling this off is repetition and maintaining a neutral. For instance, if you want to try mixing varying prints, make sure they have a few common colors- an ikat print silk blouse could look amazing tucked into a floral print skirt, IF they both have mustard or turquoise repeated in them. Or, if you want to wear a black and white polka dot tissue tee with that floral pencial skirt, try a black patent platform and black skinny belt to ground the black as a neutral throughout the outfit.

The secret to pulling it off? A great bag.

To me, an expensive looking purse in black nude or camel acts as a free pass to a crazy outfit. It kind of justifies the crazy eclectic vibe of a look and says,”Oh yea, I meant to do this.” If you don’t already have a signature bag, expensive Italian leather ones are always at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and are very affordable.

Have a Signature Piece with a Story

Have a unique piece that you can top off most looks. Accessories work best- my favorites are a tobacco colored wide boho belt that I cinch around the waist of a lot of looks, and my dad’s old turquoise bolo tie that he got married in. I put it on top of an outfit when it looks too ‘blah’. Of course I’m a fan of vintage- no one else will have it.

The Confidence to Pull it Off

If you are scared to walk out of the house and feel like a clown, don’t wear it. Confidence is key to pulling it off, and you won’t if you don’t feel comfortable. If you feel like you look great but are a little nervous of the attention it may garner, wear it! This is what fashion is all about. It’s attention grabbing and fun.