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October 21,2012

This is What It’s All About


So, I have to share the sweetest story about Norah.  I was so excited to get my new wall art sign hung up.  The kids knew I was excited, and Andy was grumbling a little bit about having to hang it up RIGHT NOW.  But, he did.

Norah was excited because she can read it.  Let me preface the rest of the story by saying that my kids are always so excited to go visit their Grammy.  They fight over her, they both want to snuggle her at the same time, and they interrupt each other while telling her stories.  So, Norah was excited to tell her this story.  She said, “Mommy got this sign that says, “we can do hard things,” and I did a hard thing.  I found my library book.

Now, this probably wasn’t a big deal to anyone else but me.  But, I was so completely happy and touched that Norah made that connection so quickly.  She couldn’t find her library book all week, and we had really searched the house for it.  I was hoping we would find it this weekend.  I didn’t even drill the sign’s message into their heads, but I was so proud that she made the connection all by herself and actually, on her own, went and searched for the book, and realized that she could do hard things.  It made my whole weekend!

xo Allison

October 19,2012



Words to live by.  Notice I said mantras instead of just mantra.  I don’t have an enigma of a mantra.  No hidden secret  word that I meditate to.  No magic “Om” here.  Although, I do often say, “Om” to myself when I know that I need instant calm.  I have lots of inspirational quotes that lift me up when I need some words of wisdom.  I think that my love language is words, although I still haven’t read that book to know for sure.

One of my favorite mantras comes from Meg Shaver, who I’m very grateful to call a friend.  She is a super-genius sociologist and guru of all things self-love & healing.  She tipped me off to this great mantra:  ”Think Good.  Feel Good.  Do Good.”  You can literally make yourself think good thoughts and improve your mood and your outlook instantly.  I have become very fond of this phrase, and I will do Meg proud by sharing it with as many people as I can.

A newfound mantra that brings me some peace.  I had to invest in this “wall art” for my living room.  It is now hung in a prominent place on the wall where I can see it multiple times every single day.  How great will it be for this to become the inner voice in my kids’ heads.  I love it!

And, last but not least, a final personal mantra that I coined and thought was quite profound:  ”Don’t get worked up about it; get prepared for it.”  Now that’s one that’s easier said that done.

Happy Friday everyone!  What words & quotes inspire you?

xo Allison