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August 19,2015

Rock the Trend


The comings and goings of trends is kind of like Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship…there are in, then they are out…but one thing is certain, when it comes to make-up trends you can be assured that your investment is lasting. 

A bold, statement lip is a huge trend right now

Unlike certain styles of clothes, cosmetics are pretty versatile. Remember when you had that stellar blue eyeshadow phase?? (If it hasn’t yet expired) don’t toss it, simply add more bronze tones to create a smokey eye with a blue enhancement. Or how about that time when retro red was happening…and now it’s not so happening? Remove excess, so that it looks more so like a stain rather than a lipstick and add a neutral gloss for an everyday look.


When contemplating a splurge, if you are looking at getting the most for your money, ask yourself a few questions:

“Will these colours/products work in the majority of season with my skin tone?”

“Is this a quality product?

“Is it super trendy?”

“How long will this product last me?”

In the majority of cases (meaning 90%) you are getting what you paid for. So remember this is going on your face and will affect the appearance of the makeup as well as your skin after you take it all off, so don’t be too cheap when it comes to make up. Make the investment.

Urban Decay’s Electric Palette


Even if you are considering a product because it’s “trendy” such as Urban Decays Electric Palette, remember this is going on your face…and can be used in more everyday ways if you think outside the box. This Palette is all about the insane color choices, but as I mentioned earlier if you diffuse the intense colours with some neutrals it can work as an accent for your eye color.


Choose products that you know will not only work for you but also be of the best quality. Don’t sabotage your wallet or your face for something super cheap and  trendy. Go for something of quality

Tangerine shades mixed with Bronze to make a brown eye pop!

and that’s versatile.


Not sure how to merge “trendy” and “timeless” into choosing product? Call ahead and make an appointment to get the 411 on the latest products and trends as well as a demo on how to happily “marry” the two!

Check out some of the hottest shades we just received from Glo minerals for Fall! This a great example of trendy, yet versatile

August 11,2015

5 Minutes to Go


We’ve all been there, even the most flawless looking women have been in those situations where they only have 5 minutes to “put on their face” and run out the door. I cannot tell you how many times this person has been me! The key in this situation is,: Numero Uno “DO NOT PANIC!”  Panic will only lead to a sloppy job, and unblended make-up.

Here are some quick tips to achieving a quick flawless face.

1.Plan-remember the look you are trying to achieve, and the amount of time you have to do it in.

2. Prepare-set all your tools, brushes, and product out in front of you prior to application so you are not running/digging frantically for these things.

3. Keep it Simple-cover your most problem areas with concealer ( under eyes, around nose etc.) foundation take some extra time to blend. Also skimp on the eye shadow, and just go for some liner/mascara.

Stay Calm!!! A mascara wand to the eye is very unpleasant!

4. Again-DO NOT PANIC! Use your time wisely and move through the steps as efficiently as possible!


July 12,2015

All that Shimmers


There was a time when the thought of “shimmer” brought me back to the days of 8th grade, when the Spice girls were cool, and everything looked better with shimmer or glitter…..this thought makes me cringe. However, over the past few years I have learned there is definitely an adult way to utilize shimmer.

Cheek and brow shimmer highlight

Jane Iredale has two fantastic products out; 24-Karat Gold Dustprovides a loose shimmer in a trio of colors (silver, bronze, and gold), depending upon your skin tone and the look you want to create this product can be used a number of ways. Highlighting the cheek bones, brow bones, or dusting it on your shoulders/collar bones is a great way to subtlety highlight.

Highlight your collar bones and decollatage!

For best results apply shimmer dust with fan brush

These amazing shimmer dust are fantastic in three blendable shades in bronze, gold, and silver!

Another amazing, but limited edition product is Jane’s Golden Shimmer Face & Body Lotion. This lotion provides a more simplistic way to apply shimmer to your shoulders and decolletage.

Accentuate youur physique for Summer parties or evenings out with this great product.


Glominerals also has Shimmer Brickwhich is perfect for everyday use. This product provides a subtle luster, so you can highlight lips, cheeks, and brow bone. You can easily create a simple fresh faced look by highlighting after concealing, then finishing with eye liner and mascara.

Universal shimmer to add a little something to an everday look


To ensure you are going to select a shade of shimmer that best suits your skin tone, do a swipe test on your hand, and also the side of your face. This is important mainly because your face is much lighter than your arms/legs.  Select the shade that will best compliment your skin tone and desired look.

Comparing shades of shimmer side by side is the best way to visually see what compliments your skin.


If you already have a shimmer product, but just haven’t fully been knowledgable in how to use it, eyes and cheeks are a great place to test the waters. Check out some of these stellar celeb photos of how shimmer was utilized in their evening eye look!


Julianne Hough

Frosted Look

Blake Lively

Feeling inspired?! Pick up your shimmer products today at Riversong Spa! If you are still feeling a little hesitant and are having visual flashbacks to “way back when…” we are always around for product tutorials. So go forth and re-visist the adult version of how to shimmer.


June 29,2015

Saving Face


We all have that vision of seamlessly pulling off the red, white, and blue along with a flawless face.  But  realistically,  it will take a few tweaks to your everyday routine to weather proof your look. These tips and products are a game changer!

Protect Your Pout

Maintain colour, even on the hottest of days can be rather difficult but can be done.

1. Prep your lips with a basic chapstick

2. Line and fill your lips with glo minerals lip filler pencil, the best thing about this pencil is it’s colorless so it will work with any lip color.

glominerals lip filler pencil

3. With a brush apply your chosen lip color, gently press your lips together then blot on a tissue.

Jane Iredale Loose Finishing Powder & glo minerals cream lip stick

4. With a soft bristle puffy brush dust setting powder over the lips. Brush off any excess powder. This will help set the color and leave almost like a lip stain effect.

5. Reapply lip color once more with a brush, and top with your gloss of choice.

Fake the Bake

We all love an amazing summer tan, but the repercussions on your skin are irreversable. One product t I have fallen head over heels for is Jane Iredale’s Tantasia. There is a trick to applying this product so that it is applied evenly, and during those hot days you don’t sweat off your tan.

1. During your shower, after you shave your legs, apply Eminence Shower Scrub in a circular motion all over. These will buff away the dead skin and stimulate circulation providing a silky even surface.

We love the after feel of this product! (Eminence Mimosa Champagne Sugar Scrub)

Firm and Moisturize with Eminence Coconut Firming Lotion

2. After drying the skin apply Eminence Coconut Firming Lotion all over, working the lotion in so it is fully absorbed.

A product you’ll truly become addicted to for that year round gorgeous glow!

3. Finish by applying a dime to a quarter size amount of Tantasia (depending on the area being covered and the desired darkness) throughly on your legs, arms, and chest. You can even mix a tiny amount into your night cream to add some glow to your face (avoid the eyebrows). *Make sure to wash your hands* Do not dress for 10-15min so the product has time to absorb and dry.

4. Several hours later you’ll be rocking a gorgeous glow!


Finish the Face

Prevent the mid day meltdown by prepping and finishing the face with these simple steps.

1. An important step a lot of women skip is cleansing the face prior to applying anything. This step makes a huge difference, removing anything (sweat, night cream, oil, etc) that may affect the longevity of your make up.

The Power Trio: Jane Iredale-Smooth Affair Primer, Eminence-Cucumber Eye Gel & Bright Skin Cleanser

2. Apply a moisturizer (preferably with an SPF) and eyecream. Immediately after apply Smooth Affair Facial Primer from Jane Iredale, this primer will not only hold your make up better, but it is also good for your skin!

3. Once your full face is on, finish by dusting glo minerals Loose Matte Finishing Powder; sets looks to last all day while soaking up oil, keeping skin shine-free.

Finish your look with glo minerals finishing powder, and Jane Iredale Pom Mist

4. Complete by spritzing Jane Iredales’ Pom Mist Hydration spray to set your look!


Look your best even in the hottest weather with Riversong Spa


Use this tips and products to protect and perfect your make-up for any outdoor event, from wedding to the 4th of July BBQ Riversong Spa has you prepared to Save Face!