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September 9,2012

Eminence Training


So far, so amazing! I was so excited about getting to come to Washington, DC for the latest Eminence Organics Regional Training. I love road trips, and there are several bonuses for this road trip: 1) I am traveling with my favorite esthetician, Lisa Leach from Organic Plum Studio & 2) One of my best friends is picking me up in DC tomorrow afternoon and we are driving to Cambridge, MD to stay at my favorite B&B in the Chesapeake Bay. Needless to say, I have been pee-my-pants excited about all of the girly goodness coming my way.

My friend Lisa is an all-organic junkie like me, so we were in heaven when we found out we were staying within walking distance from Restaurant Nora. We both indulged in starters and a main course, and we were not disappointed.

Eminence Trainings are always jam-packed full of content and education, and this is no exception. I’m not bragging, but I’m pretty sharp, and my head was spinning when Brian Goodwin (international trainer) was throwing out terms like ‘melanocyte,’ ‘keratinocyte,’ ‘melanogenesis,’ ‘tyrosine,’ and many, many more. Never, since I began my esthetics career have I ever learned about the hyperpigmentation process. I won’t bore you with the details, just know that I am now “an expert,” and I will be able to treat all of your skin brightening, anti-aging, and hyperpigmentation-treating needs; along with basically any other skin improvement wish you have.

Our fearless leader:

Please, please let me be chosen someday at a training to be a “demonstration model.” I so want to be this lady getting this scalp massage…

After our full-day training, we walked to Zabb Modern Asian Restaurant for sushi, and it was delicious. I have proof…

Tomorrow is a half-day training where we get to do hands-on hungarian anti-aging massage technique training. If you think I’m an aggressive massager now, you won’t know what to think when I get home. Just kidding, I’ll be zenfully blissed out when I return.

Stay tuned for more updates from the trip. I will definitely be posting some picturesque photos from Cambridge.

xo Allison