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April 24,2013

Stitch Fix #2 Review


Ok, so I was so excited to get my 2nd Stitch Fix.  I requested jackets, especially cool/hip/trendy ones like all the girls wear on Vampire Diaries.  They’re always so cute, and they can be layered with everything.

Something like this…

or this…

I also reiterated the fact that sleeveless button-down tank shirts do me no favors.  Having said that, I’ll show you what was in this fix.

What can I say?  I don’t like sleeveless button-down tank shirts.  Enough said.

I think this was supposed to fit the jacket I had requested.  I feel like I’m being negative here, but this piece literally triggered my gag reflex.  Just not me.

At this point this exercise of documenting this shipment for the blog was just getting sad.  I mean, a cat shirt?  I did J. Crew’s cute little hens on a silk shirt in the fall, but a sheer, three-quarter blousy sleeve with built-in cami is not cool.  Not cool at all.

This is a shirt that I actually had high hopes for when I unpacked it.  Love the color combo and the pleating.  However, this is a miss for me, mostly I think, because I’m short AND curvy.  It doesn’t do me any favors with the draping or the length.

This scarf is an item that I actually requested.  I just don’t think I love it enough to keep it, and to be honest, I feel like this delivery is a little tainted.  I also think that I like scarves with pops of color, and this one is a little too dark.

So, sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I’m just not feeling this Stitch Fix.

So, after this, I’m not as enthusiastic to get my next fix.  I’m going to be thinking about it.  This could be a situation where the majority of the clothing that Stitch Fix purchases is really meant for people taller than me.

Hope you enjoyed this review!

xo Allison

April 9,2013

Stitch Fix #1


Today’s the day I get to share my first Stitch Fix shipment with you. Stitch Fix has a brilliant business model…it’s like a personal shopper through the mail with free shipping. You do have have to pay a $20 styling fee, but that money gets credited towards your purchase. Just request an invitation and fill out a style profile. Wait until you receive your invitation to schedule your fix and get started.

Just click this link to get started:

Eeek!  My box arrived on Saturday, and was waiting when I got home from work.

I appreciate branding details like the packaging tape, the tissue paper, sticker, and personalized letter and card.

So, in this shipment, I received 4 tops and one necklace.

The necklace was my favorite piece in this shipment, and I’m definitely keeping it.  LOVE!


Next item is the GAIA MESH TRIM JERSEY TANK $48.  The photos don’t do the color justice because in person it is a beautiful raspberry color.  I have included photos of the style cards here so you can see their suggestions for accessorizing and styling the pieces.  I wanted to keep this one, but it’s just too big.  I don’t think that tucking it in is going to be a viable solution for me, and I don’t really need large casual tank tops-not the most flattering as you’ll see in the photo.

This item is the TAVIN LASER CUT DETAIL TANK TOP $58.  Again, I wanted to like this one, but I don’t think button-down sleeveless shirts are my best look, and while I’m a huge fan of aqua, this one is a little too mint green for me.

Up next is the ROWSON MESH DETAIL STRIPED SWEATER $68.  As far as photos go, this is my favorite look.  However, the fit is off. Where the sheer yellow fabric seam meets the striped fabric sweater, it feels really tight and restrictive, which isn’t ideal in my line of work when I’m giving facials.  Will try this one on again, but it’s probably going back because it isn’t a perfect fit.

Last item is the ANASTACIA CROCHET DETAIL PONTE DRESS $85.  This was intended to be the perfect spring Little Black Dress.  I included a photo below that shows the fabric detail, which is nice.  However, I probably still need shapewear underneath it.  And, I got an amazing and flattering black dress with beige floral embroidery last summer that I will wear instead of this.  Really wanted to like this and every other piece as well.

So, all in all, it was extremely fun to get this package in the mail and have my own fashion show.  Love not knowing what to expect, and I will be giving thorough critiques of these items when I checkout and send back what I don’t want to keep.

What do you think I should keep besides the necklace?

xo Allison