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September 1,2016

September Yoga & Pilates Schedule


The schedule is ready for September!  We hope to see you on the mat at a yoga or Pilates class.  We are also happy to have some special workshops coming up.

We have a Beginners Yoga workshop on Tuesday, September 13th at 7:30 pm, taught by Sheray Efaw – WV YogaGirl.  You can call 304.997.5356 to register in advance, or use the MindBody website or app to sign-up.

xo Allison

August 1,2016

August Fitness Schedule and Spotlight on Beginner Pilates


Summer is in full swing, but it’s almost back to school time…..WHAT?!

Our new schedule is up

August 2016 Yoga & Pilates

We want to talk a little bit about our Beginner Pilates classes.  Starting August 1st, Amy Eakle is going to be our primary instructor. Amy fell in love with Pilates and decided to pursue a comprehensive education through PHI Pilates.  Amy is now a Level II and Advanced Mat and Props instructor. She continues to study both traditional and new methods as she pursues additional certifications. During her classes she focuses on alignment and proper biomechanics while providing a full body workout.

Here are some of our favorites reasons to become a practitioner of Pilates:

Sculpts your body, clears your mind, increases your energy and serenity

Improves memory and increases cognitive function

Trains your brain by challenging your body and mind at the same time

Deeper muscle activation means better function of the nervous system

Calms your mind and emotions

Releases stress tension in our bodies

Pilates makes you happy – “The first requisite of happiness if physical fitness” ~Joseph Pilates

Makes you more creative

Pilates breath lets you control your emotions

Pilates teaches us to be ourselves, respect our bodies, and be content

Pilates helps you be more confident – “Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind, and spirit can ever be attained.  Self-confidence follows.” ~Joseph Pilates

Physical Benefits

Develops a strong core – flat abdominals and a strong, healthy back

Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility

Creates an evenly conditioned body, improves sport performance, and prevents injuries

Learn how to move more efficiently

It’s gentle, yet effective


We hope to see you on the mat soon at a Beginners Pilates class, and we look forward to starting and growing a Pilates community.

xo Allison